Our vendor lineup keeps getting better and better. Below is a list of everyone who was scheduled to participate in 2019. Why not join us in 2020?

Revival Tea Company: Fresh-crafted spiced chai and other teas.

Peace Love & Bath Products: Colorful, fun bath and body products for everyone.

Courage to Grow Farms: Microgreens, baby lettuce, baby root vegetables and more.

Glorious Artisan Bakery: Artisan bread, oils and vinegars.

Sunset Orchard on Green Bluff: Heirloom veggies and tree fruit from Green Bluff.

R.P. Guerrero: Certified Organic tree fruit from the Wenatchee area.

DogWild Farm: Specialized garlic and heirloom tomatoes, plus herbs and flowers.

Made with Love Bakery: Cottage-style bakery with fruit pies, artisan bread and more.

The Father’s Table: Neighborhood-grown produce. Also soaps and some crafts.

Growing Neighbors: Produce from scattered-site residential farms across Spokane.

SnowBerry Ridge Farm: Local raw honey and honey-based products.

Song Sparrow Farms: Organically grown produce from the Nine Mile area.

Mary’s Plastic Canvas: Plastic canvas needlepoint.

Good Day Handmade Bath & Body: Natural soaps with essential oils, unrefined butters.

Joyful Flowers: Fresh-cut flower bouquets, bedding plants, herb starters, pallet signs.

Hooray by Renee: One-of-a-kind jewelry from upcycled/repurposed materials.

Montague Heritage Farms: Vegetables and herbs from a family farm.

Fresh-Cut Farms: Deer Park farm specializing in seasonal strawberry varieties.

Happy Mountain Mushrooms: Various types of area-grown oyster mushrooms.

Great Harvest Breads: Plain and specialty artisan breads, cookies and more.

PVNP Leather: Handcrafted leather goods and jewelry.

Teeny Farms: Delicious tree fruit from Chelan orchards.

No NAANsense: Indian-inspired naan flatbread pizzas.

Eat This! Italian Ice: Soft and creamy non-dairy Italian ices.

Recipe for Self: Specialty chocolates made with healthy fats and real spices.

Moon Phase Farms: Produce grown in Vinegar Flats with organic, no-till practices.

Pup Bites: Organic and locally sourced dog treats.

Brain Freeze Creamery: Locally made, gourmet, small-batch ice cream.

Booey’s Gourmet: Spokane sauces that perfectly balance heat and flavor.

Columbia Fire & Iron: 501(c)3 organization to promote and teach blacksmithing.

Vladimir Kuzmenko: A wide variety of co-op produce from across Washington State.

Wilson Banner Ranch: Fresh cider, produce and tree fruit from Clarkston.

Haggerty’s Happy Hens: Farm-fresh eggs from pastured chickens.

Post Street Plants: Neighborhood-grown flowers, herbs and veggie plants.

And when we say “neighborhood-grown,” we mean it. This is produce that is sown, tended and harvested literally no more than a few blocks away right before market. It doesn’t get any fresher.

Each week, the free KERNEL kids program offers a fun and educational gardening-themed activity. Children of all ages can participate and receive $2 in KERNEL Cash for spending on fresh fruit and veggies.

Please note that not all vendors are scheduled to attend every week.

Allstate Insurance, Walk Bike Bus, Avista and the West Central Community Center WIC Office and will join us throughout the season, too, with giveaways, voucher distributions, promotions and much more.