Our vendor lineup keeps getting better and better. Here’s everyone who’s scheduled for 2018:

Black Fire Kettle Corn: Delectable kettle corn made on the spot.

Brain Freeze Creamery: Locally made, gourmet, small-batch ice cream.

DogWild Farms: Specialized garlic varieties and heirloom tomatoes, plus herbs and flowers.

Dot’s Soul Food: Alabama white barbecue sauce made to a unique Southern recipe.

Evans Heaven:  Root vegetables, tomatoes and peppers grown in the Latah Valley.

The Father’s Table: Neighborhood-grown produce. Also soaps and some crafts.

The Farm Yard: Neighborhood-grown fruits and vegetables. Some craft items.

Fillmore Farms: Produce grown and harvested on a small farm in the 9-Mile area.

Fresh-Cut Farms: Seasonal strawberry varieties.

Great Harvest Breads: Plain and specialty artisan breads, cookies and more.

Good Day Handmade Bath & Body: All natural soaps with essential oils and unrefined butters.

Growing Neighbors: Produce from scattered-site residential farms across Spokane.

Highland Honey: Raw, unfiltered honey from a Deer Park-based apiary with 500 hives.

In Bloom: Fresh-cut flowers from the Garland District in the North Hill Neighborhood.

Joyful Flowers: Fresh-cut flower bouquets, bedding plants, herb starters, tomato plants, pallet signs.

KC Creations: Original photography, greeting cards, beaded earrings and other beaded items.

Lost Valley Organic Orchard: Heirloom and niche apple varieties from Chewelah.

Made with Love: Startup bakery with fruit pies, artisan bread and more.

Mary Beauregard: Plastic canvas needlepoint.

Pacific Produce: Tree fruit (e.g., cherries, peaches) and vegetables from the Othello area.

Petunia’s Marketplace: Chocolates, MuTu coffee, and other specialty food items.

Phoenix Plant Nursery: Produce grown in line with organic standards in the Hillyard area.

R.P. Guerrero: Organic tree fruit from the Wenatchee area.

Riverfront Farm (River City Youth Ops): Neighborhood-grown, scattered-site produce.

SnowBerry Ridge Farm: Raw honey and honey products (e.g., beeswax, lip balm, natural soaps).

Song Sparrow Farms: Fresh, locally grown produce, including melons. Also does a CSA.

The Scone Ranger: Scones that are so good, so moist, so habit-forming.

The Studio: Interfaith, interactive prayer station and communal art project.

Sunset Orchard on Green Bluff: Heirloom vegetables, tree fruit and berries from Green Bluff.

Tender Love & Fries: Hand-breaded chicken tenders, waffles and fries.

Unique Cement: Visually stunning concrete planters for indoors and outdoors.

Vladimir Kuzmenko: A wide variety of co-op produce from across Washington State.

Where the Wild Things Grow:  Wild foods in season, including huckleberries and mushrooms.

Wilson Banner Ranch: Cider, pears, cherries and peaches from Clarkston.

And when we say “neighborhood-grown,” we mean it. This is produce that is sown, tended and harvested literally no more than a few blocks away right before market. It doesn’t get any fresher.

Each week, the free KERNEL kids program offers a fun and educational gardening-themed activity. Children of all ages can participate and receive $2 in KERNEL Cash for spending on fresh fruit and veggies.

Please note that not all vendors are scheduled to attend every week.

BECU, Allstate Insurance, the West Central Community Center WIC Office, and United Healthcare will join us throughout the season, too, with giveaways, voucher distributions, promotions and much more.