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The 2023 Vendor Application Is Now Live!

The vendor application for our 2023 season is now live!

You can fill out the convenient online application here.

If you’d prefer to print and mail the application, you can download it here.

Important things to know:

  • The market runs from 3–7pm every Friday.
  • This season’s dates are June 2 to September 29.
  • The market location is 2310 N. Monroe St. in Spokane.
  • This is our market’s 11th year of operation and its 10th full season.
  • There is no application fee.
  • Season fees are $250, but there is a very large loyalty discount (see the application for details).
  • Per diem fees are $20.
  • You will need to have all the necessary permits and licenses before the season begins. If you’re unsure which paperwork you need, we can point you in the right direction.
  • We are always looking for reliable hot food vendors (i.e., food trucks).
  • We welcome vendors who are just starting out.

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail or call (509) 255-3072.

2020 Season Vendors

Even though farmers markets around the country will function a little differently this season due to COVID-19 (please read what precautions we’re taking and what we expect of our vendors and shoppers), we couldn’t be more excited about our 2020 vendor lineup.

This season brings many returning favorites as well as some fresh faces with really amazing offerings.

with even more to come as the season unfolds. We look forward to seeing you there!

* Joining the market in mid-June or later.

COVID-19 Precautions at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market

As a valuable food resource for our neighborhood and the wider community, the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market is designated as an essential business.

We’re pleased to bring you an opportunity to shop for groceries in an open-air environment and support local businesses—including farmers from our region! Shopping at a farmers market helps sustain our local economy. It also means fewer people will be in contact with your food.

Amid a time of uncertainty, we’re proud to be able to continue offering our market in the same place (2310 N Monroe) at the same time (Fridays, 3 to 7pm) and for a full 17-week season (June 5 to September 25, 2020).

We will be accepting cash, cards, EBT and WIC/Senior Checks this year (no personal checks, please). Our EBT Snap Market Match is a 100% match rate this year, which is up 80% from last year’s program. That means EBT customers will double their spending money when they shop at the market!

? Changes to Market Activities ?

  • We love your pets, but this season we are asking you to keep them home. We will miss them dearly and are looking forward to 2021 when they can join us again. Service animals are always welcome. ?
  • We are postponing all our “non-essential” arts and crafts vendors until further notice. The usual number of farms, bakeries and prepared food vendors will be joining us and look forward to seeing you this season.
  • We will be eliminating public tables, benches and other public seating areas.
  • We are canceling all extracurricular activities such as onsite kids activities (KERNEL), story time, live music and special events.
  • We are discontinuing sampling, eliminating all common condiments and requiring all ready-to-eat food to be consumed offsite.

☀️ Our COVID-19 Safety Plan ☀️

You will probably notice some similarities in our plan that mirror other guidelines being used by markets in our region. As a proud member of the Inland Northwest Farmers Market Association, we stand proud in prioritizing the safety of our patrons and vendors.

  • We will have ONE designated entrance (at our the market info booth) and ONE designated exit for the market.
  • Hand-washing stations will be at the entrance & exit of market.
  • Booths will be spaced at least 10 feet apart from each other.
  • Markings will be made on the ground to suggest 6-foot distance to comply with physical distancing.
  • We will be posting signage for customers with recommendations for market behavior.
  • We will be posting signage for customers to find products and vendors at the market.
  • To minimize handling, we are requiring vendors (not the customer) to choose and package products.
  • Sick shoppers, vendors and market volunteers will be sent home and prohibited from the market.

? How You Can Help Us Be Successful ?

  • Share this post.
  • Please stay home if you are sick.
  • Wear a mask to the market.
  • Use the hand-washing stations.
  • Come with a grocery list to shop.
  • Limit how many people from your household visit (ideally 1 or 2).
  • Offer to shop for your friends and neighbors.
  • Let vendors pick and package your groceries.
  • Do not eat at the market. Consume food offsite.
  • Wash items when you get home.
  • Share photos of what you got from the market. Tag us and the vendor on social media (Facebook & Instagram).
  • Leave positive and constructive Google and Facebook reviews.

THANK YOU for supporting LOCAL! With love from your 100% volunteer Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market!! ??????

2020 Market Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re gearing up for our eighth season, and that means we’re getting our full-season sponsorship wall ready for display once again. Naturally, that means we’re looking for kind donors to help fill it.

This highly visible 10’x10′ banner hangs at the back of the central market canopy for the entire season, making it a great spot to highlight your business or organization (for a really affordable price, too) while supporting our neighborhood’s grassroots, all-volunteer market.

Banner sponsorship breaks down into three tiers:

Tier 1: Blue ribbon – For $200, your logo shares eye-catching top billing on the sponsor wall. You can also supply us with plenty of take-home literature (e.g., business cards, flyers, brochures), which will remain on display at the booth’s info table throughout the season. Two spots are available.

Tier 2: Grower– For just $100, your logo gets a central full-season spot on the sponsor wall. Not quite as large as the ones above, not quite as modest as the ones below. Plus your business cards will be displayed on the info table. Three spots are available.

Tier 3: Sower – For a mere $50, your logo will be displayed on the sponsor wall all season long at a size that says, “Grandiosity isn’t our thing, but you definitely should still check us out.” Four spots are available.

No matter what kind of sponsorship you choose for your organization, you’ll also get plenty of shout-outs on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) throughout the season too.

So if you’re interested in supporting our grassroots market and benefitting from the promotion through one of these affordable sponsorship tiers, please send us an e-mail or give us a call at 255-3072.

Market Manager Opportunity

The Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market is looking for a new manager to lead the market into its eighth season in 2020.

This is a unique and profoundly rewarding volunteer opportunity for someone — or several someones — to make a lasting impact on multiple fronts:

  • Helping fledgling or small-scale farmers get a vital foothold in the local economy.
  • Providing nonprofits and other organizations with an effective, face-to-face outreach platform.
  • Increasing access to healthy, affordable, locally grown food beyond the high-disposable-income demographic.
  • Hosting a positive, vibrant, community-oriented event in a space that would otherwise be empty.
  • Bringing together individuals, couples and families whose paths might not cross under any other circumstances.
  • Contributing to a more sustainable food system.
  • The list goes on.

The current manager has overseen the market for the past seven years. In that time, the vendor count has grown along with foot traffic, volunteers, community partnerships and regular activities/events. A new manager would be taking control of that established platform and all its possibility.

Lack of experience isn’t a disqualifying factor. What’s far more important is dedication, resourcefulness and vision.

This role also isn’t limited to one person. If you’d like to divvy up the managerial responsibilities and work alongside others as a team, that should be doable.

The current manager is committed to advising and actively volunteering, and there’s an existing pool of committed volunteers from the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council who are willing to handle specialized roles (e.g., music booking, volunteer coordination, kids’ activities) and assist with setup, point of sale and teardown during market days.

And, finally, there is the possibility of pay. There are potential funding sources and other resources that could be pursued should that be a priority of the new manager(s).

If you’re interested, pleased e-mail or call (509) 255-3072. You can also stop by the market on any of the next three Fridays in September (3 to 7pm, 2310 N Monroe) and come to the market info booth.

Without a manager (or managers) firmly in place by January, it’s unlikely that the market will be able to continue.