2019 Market Vendor Application Now Available

The vendor application for the 2019 season—our seventh!—of the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market is now live.

Interested vendors can apply using our online form. It’s easy and free.

Alternatively, you can download the vendor application as a PDF, print it out and mail it to the address provided.

Full-season fees are the same as in prior years. It costs $250 up front, but vendors who attend at least 15 of the 17 markets will receive up to half of their fee back. That works out to a booth fee of just $7.35 per market.

We look forward to receiving your application! If you have any questions, please e-mail market@emersongarfield.org or call (509) 255-3072.

2018 Market Vendor Application Now Available!

The 2018 market vendor application has been posted. As always, we’re welcoming a variety of growers, ranchers, bakers, and more to be a part of our market.

The fees are unchanged from last season. In other words, if you attend 90% of the markets (15 of 17), you’ll get up to half of your full-season fee of $250 back at the end of the season as a way of saying thanks for your consistency and loyalty.

You can easily apply online at http://bit.ly/EGFM-2018 or click here to download the PDF version of the application, which you can then print, fill out and mail.

Craftwalk 2017

After taking a hiatus last year as the market transitioned to its new site, Craftwalk — our annual arts- and crafts-focused market — is returning this season. It’s scheduled for Friday, September 1.

What exactly happens during Craftwalk?

Well, every year we get phone calls and applications from way more arts and craft vendors than any single market can accommodate. For one market date in September we invite all of those artists and crafters out and make a special event of it.

On that day, these nonfood vendors form a huge ring along the sidewalk around the regularly scheduled farmers market.

Crafts + sidewalk = Craftwalk.

Typically Craftwalk vendors bring upcycled items, vintage goods, quilts, specialty clothing, knicknacks, soaps, jewelry, photographs, greeting cards, sculpture — you name it.

It’s a time when school’s starting and the weather is hinting that it’s about to turn colder, so Craftwalk is a good time to come browse for unique back-to-school goodies, small or large gifts, home décor, and a range of other items. Plus do some of your weekly food shopping, of course.

Admission is free for everyone, and the cost to participate as a vendor is just $10. To apply, we encourage you to use our free and easy online application form.

Questions? Call 255-3072 or send an e-mail to market@emersongarfield.org.

2017 Market Vendor Application Now Available

Our updated vendor application for 2017 is now live!

You can download it here to print and mail. Or you can simply fill out our easy online application form.

So what’s different this year? Well, we’ve restructured our fees to reward vendor loyalty and reliability.

The full-season rate is now $250 up front, but vendors who attend at least 90% of the markets (15 out of 17) will be refunded $100 at the end of the season, making the booth fee just $9 per market.

Plus there’s an even larger loyalty discount for full-season vendors who apply and pay in full on or before April 30, 2017. They will be refunded $125 for 90% attendance at the end of the season, making the booth fee just $7 per market. That’s about as close to free as we can feasibly get.

As we see it, everyone benefits from this arrangement. Both new and returning vendors have the potential to score an incredibly attractive rate and, ideally, can pass that affordability on to our patrons. And our patrons have the additional comfort and confidence of knowing that they can count on their favorite vendors to be there nearly every week. That reliability is what helps markets to thrive.

The per diem booth fee in 2017 is $20 for one-time or occasional vendors. If you’d like to attend multiple markets, we can work with you on part- or half-season discounts. Just note it on your application.

This year we’re partnering even more with other local farmers markets to pool information and serve as a vendor resource. So there’s now an option on the application to have your information shared with Fairwood Farmers Market, the Thursday Market at South Perry and the Hillyard Farmers Market. This doesn’t mean you’re applying to all those markets, just that they will have access to your contact information and details. That makes it easier for participating markets to reach out to vendors who might be able to fill a particular niche.

Thanks to these and other collaborative efforts, we’ve got some great stuff in the works for 2017.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions. You can reach the market manager at market@emersongarfield.org or by calling 255-3072.

Vendors, Music & Activities for September 30

Well, this is it. The last market of our fourth season. We’re sad to say goodbye to all of our growers, bakers, farmers and crafters until next June, but we can at least send them off in style.

In what’s now become a tradition, we’ll have an old-fashioned, hand-cranked cider press for apples, pears and other seasonal tree fruit. Come down and give it a whirl! If you want to press a large batch for yourself, you can even bring or buy your own apples. And don’t forget to bring a container too.

The last KERNEL activity of the season is going to be “Wheel of KERNEL.” This is a fun spinning wheel just like you’d find on a kid’s board game. The wheel has 9 categories and a free spin. Each category will cover one of the great games and lessons from the KERNEL activities this season, like Buzz About Bees or hula hooping. It’s totally free and, as always, every participant will get $2 in KERNEL Cash for spending on fresh fruit and veggies once they’ve completed the activity.

BECU will be back one last time, too, with their giveaway booth to promote their new Spokane branches. Give them a friendly welcome and chances are you’ll leave with some nice BECU swag!

And for music, we’re welcoming back Jones & Jones, who’ve performed (by popular request) almost monthly at the market throughout the season. We think their upbeat folk tunes will be the perfect soundtrack to say farewell to another great season and greet autumn.

Here’s everyone who’s scheduled to be closing the season with us today:


  • The Father’s Table: Neighborhood-grown produce.
  • Song Sparrow Farms: Fresh, locally grown produce, including melons. Also does a CSA.
  • The Farm Yard: Neighborhood-grown fruits and vegetables. Some craft items.
  • Woodard Family Farms: A variety of locally grown produce.
  • Riverfront Farm (Project Hope): Neighborhood-grown, scattered-site produce.
  • Other vendors also sell homegrown produce alongside their primary goods.

Meat & Honey

Baked Goods



  • Mary Beauregard: Plastic canvas needlepoint.
  • KC Creations: Original photography, greeting cards, beaded earrings and other beaded items.