Market Sponsorship Opportunities

In anticipation of a very promising season and some exciting possibilities for growth, this year we’re offering a brand new sponsorship opportunity for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market.

The three-tiered market sponsorship will showcase the logo for your business or organization on a prominent 10′ × 10′ professionally printed canopy wall at the central market booth. This booth is where everyone comes to swipe their credit cards, ask questions, chat and browse the informational literature, so it’s seen by plenty of folks.

Speaking of being seen, the market itself is moving to a much more visible location on North Monroe, which will lead to even more people noticing your logo and saying to themselves, “By gum, I’m going to patronize that business or organization.”

You’ll also get plenty of shout-outs on our social media.

There are a total of nine spots available in three different but very affordable tiers. They are:

Tier 1: Blue ribbon – For $200, your logo shares eye-catching top billing on the sponsor wall. You’ll also have the opportunity to supply us with plenty of take-home literature (e.g., business cards, flyers, brochures), which will remain on display at the booth’s info table throughout the season. Two spots available. All spoken for. Thanks, Rogue Heart Media and Gene Brake of Keller Williams Realty!

Tier 2: Grower – For just $100, your logo gets a central full-season spot on the sponsor wall. Not quite as large as the ones above, not quite as modest as the ones below. Plus your business cards will be displayed on the info table. Three spots available. All spoken for. Thanks to Annie Doyon, realtor at Synergy PropertiesDiamonds in the Ruff, and Boulevard Mercantile

Tier 3: Sower – For a mere $50, your logo will be displayed on the sponsor wall all season long at a size that says, “Grandiosity isn’t our thing, but you definitely should still check us out.” Four spots available. All spoken for. Thanks to Bellwether Brewing, Heather Schelling, real estate broker at Prime Real Estate Group, Lil’ Bit of Top Knot Grooming, and Prohibition Gastropub

Take a look at the accompanying image for a visual guide to how the logos will be sized and arranged.

So what’s all this money going to be used for? Glad you asked!

As we prepare to launch our 2016 season at a new site, we’ve encountered a couple of extra expenditures. The first of these is a replacement ($300) for the central market canopy; the frame was bent during one of the gustier days last summer.

We’re also looking to upgrade from our antiquated, wobbly card table to a proper event-style table ($100) for displaying and distributing flyers, brochures, recipe cards and other market- or community-related info.

Lastly, our previously free service contract with our payment processor expired, so we’ve had to cough up an annual service fee ($100) and take out a data plan with Verizon (cost still TBD). This crucial point-of-sale service is what allows us to take credit, debit and EBT cards.

These sponsorship funds will cover the cost of this equipment and services and leave enough left over for the costs of printing posters and flyers at R&R Color on North Monroe (they give us excellent pricing, but it adds up).

With all that in mind, if you’re interested in supporting this community-oriented market and benefitting from the promotion through one of these affordable sponsorship tiers, please send us an e-mail or give us a call at 389-0964.