Vendors and Activities for June 26

Ever wondered what hydroponic gardening is? Or maybe you know enough about it to want to give it a try, but you’d like a step-by-step? Today the market is featuring the folks from 509 Grow, who will set up a basic hydroponic garden demo to show you what it is and how it’s done. They’ll also have some supplies on hand for purchase if you can’t wait to get started.

Ryan Johnson is our musician this week. If Ryan looks familiar, it’s because you might have spotted him at Fringe and Fray (here’s their Facebook page), the chic consignment boutique he and his wife own downtown. But he probably wasn’t on guitar at the time.

Today’s market will let you kick off your Hoopfest weekend right — with fruit and vegetables that have just come into season and are likely being harvested as this post goes out. Not to mention tons of prepared foods for any hungry basketballers you might be feeding.

Here are the vendors who are scheduled to join us today:

Alpine Bakery is sitting out this week because they had a massive bake order for local restaurants on account of Hoopfest. But Morning Sun should be bringing some traditional bread loaves, so you don’t have to go without. The Scone Ranger is also back from vacation, so he’ll have his addictive scones once again. We had a lot of people jonesing last week.

As for fruit and veg: R.P. Guerrero’s certified organic pears, apples, cherries and apricots were a massive hit last week. Vladimir’s bounty is growing by the week — he has enough Washington-grown variety to put most supermarkets to shame. He had some of the first green beans in Washington State last week, and at this rate it probably won’t be long before he’s got regional tomatoes too.

Word on the street is that Project Hope is going to be making their seasonal debut at today’s market too. Their summer crew started last week and their urban gardens are in full swing.

We want to remind senior citizens that SFMNP (Senior WIC) vouchers are being mailed out. When you get them, please come and use them at our market! We have a growing (no pun intended) number of produce and honey vendors who are authorized to take SFNMP vouchers. Get in touch with your local senior center for more info on SFMNP vouchers, or simply come by and see us at the market.

Vendors and Activities for June 19

Got pests in your garden? This week experts from the WSU Master Gardener Program will be at the market to help identify pests and instruct you on how to get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way. Snap a photo of the bugs that are gorging on your grapes or ravaging your roses, or bring a couple specimens in a sealed Ziplock so that the master gardeners can ID them. They’ll also be sharing more general tips on how to keep your veggies, fruits and flowers from getting nibbled on (or worse) by insects. You’ll even learn about beneficial insects — such as the ones that keep aphid populations under control.

This week’s musician is Emerson-Garfield’s very own Renaissance man, Bryant McKinley, who’s performing as Spokaloo. Bryant has performed at our market many times before and his keyboard-backed pop and rock classics have always been a hit. In fact, you can see the spontaneous dancing that broke out to his playing in the photo on this page.

Here are the vendors who are scheduled to join us today:

The Scone Ranger is on vacation this week, but Morning Sun will be bringing a full supply of scones so you can get your fix.

R.P. Guerrero will be joining us for the first time this week. They’re a certified organic farm out of Quincy, and they’ll have pears, apples, cherries and apricots. Vladimir will round out that fruit assortment with several varieties of cherries, more apricots and plenty of blueberries.

Petunia’s Marketplace will be joining us this week — remember, Stacy is here on odd-numbered weeks throughout the season. She’ll also have eggs and meat from Ramstead Ranch so you can do a full-service shop.

And speaking of a full-service shop, Jenkins Java will be selling gallons and half-gallons of milk from Spokane’s Family Farm. Gallons are only $4.50, which is less expensive than the same milk at most supermarkets.