Vendors and Activities for July 31

It’s an action-packed week at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market.

Our big news is that Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-WA) is going to be stopping by the market this afternoon as part of a tour with the Spokane Regional Health District to see Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers in action. Regardless of your political affiliation, we’d love to see you there as a show of support for this important food access program, for grassroots neighborhood efforts like ours, and for farmers markets all across Spokane.

For music, we’ve got a classically trained pianist from Denmark “who can really jam,” according to one source. Who says a community-oriented market like ours can’t be cosmopolitan too?

Our market activity will be a canning and pickling demo, led by Lois and Anne of The Farm Yard and The Father’s Table. They’ll demonstrate step by step the art of preserving all the fruit and veggies you grow or buy.

The fourth week of our free KERNEL kids activity is going to have a neat vegetable identification game. Our young participants will be blindfolded and have the chance to guess which veggies are which. They’ll also get an activity card and an easy-to-make recipe. This should be a lot of fun. Bring your kids and grandchildren!

We had the first crop of tomatoes last week, and we should be seeing lots more of those from all of our produce vendors. R.P. Guerrero had some amazing organic donut peaches, and Vladimir had some gigantic ones. This week Vladimir says he’ll be brining freshly harvested cantaloupe, peppers and potatoes too.

Oh, and Post Street Plants, another small neighborhood business, is joining us for the first time ever this week — plus JP is joining us for the first time this season. Here’s everyone who will be there today:

Our market tries to have everything you’ll need for a full “supermarket” shop. Each week Jenkins Java sells gallons and half-gallons of milk from Spokane’s Family Farm. Petunia’s has eggs as well as pasture-raised meat from Ramstead Ranch.

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