Vendors and Activities for July 24

Vermiculture is our market demo this week. (That’s worm cultivation for the uninitiated. See above for a handy info poster.) Jim Wood of Marlé Worm Growers will show you how to set up a bin for worm cultivation, how to “harvest” the worm castings and how to use them in your home garden. Worms are the best friends your soil can have!

Now in its third week, KERNEL’s free kids activity looks at composting. This will tie in with the vermiculture demo, and our younger participants will be able to get their hands dirty by making super soil with the help of their wriggly friends. And not only is the KERNEL activity free, kids get some Fresh Bucks for spending at the market once they’ve completed it.

Spokane Hope Christian Reformed Church, which shares the church building with Knox Presbyterian, will have freshly cooked authentic Korean food for takeout or eating at the market. They call it the best Korean food in town, and their many devotees would agree.

For music, we’ve got Matthew Hughes. He’s playing at the market for the first time.

R.P. Guerrero, our organic fruit vendor, had early peaches and nectarines last week, so we’re anticipating a nice-sized fruit harvest this week. Awesome Possum is going to be bringing some new up-cycled creations to the market too.

Here are all the folks who are joining us today:

Remember that you can get milk, eggs and meat at market! Jenkins Java sells gallons and half-gallons of milk from Spokane’s Family Farm. Petunia’s has meat from Ramstead Ranch as well as eggs.

By the way, each week we post the market as a Facebook event. If you’d like to show your support (or maybe just remind yourself to stop at the market on the way home), please click here and RSVP.